PT PELNI (Persero)

Community Development Program 2019

Coral Reef House in Ternate

Following up on efforts to conserve coral reefs that have been carried out since 2017 and 2018, in 2019 the Environmental Development Program of PT PELNI once again cooperated with the Coral Reef Foundation (YTR) to build a "domus" or a house for artificial coral reefs. Under the leadership of Teguh Ostenrik, the founder of YTR and the artists who created the coral reef house, this time made an iron structure that combined a dome that was similar to the traditional house of the Eskimo tribe, Igloo.

With a height of 3.5 meters and a diameter of 7 meters, the house of a coral reef called Domus Frosiquilo or "Equatorial Leaves" will be placed under Jikomalomo Beach, Ternate, North Maluku. With the method of transplanting young coral reefs and electrification techniques, Domus Frosiquilo is expected to develop and become a new habitat for many marine dwellers, as well as an underwater tourist attraction in the region.

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