PT PELNI (Persero)

CSR Program 2018

Developing the Quality of Madrasa Educators in Bau-Bau, Southeast Sulawesi

For the success in improving the Company's financial performance in the last few years, PT Pelni (Persero) has been implementing CSR and PKBL activities in the Jakarta area since 2017. And for the beginning of 2018, PT Pelni's CSR and PKBL activities began to expand its programs to the regions.

PT Pelni's Corporate Secretary, Ridwan Mandaliko said that during January, PT Pelni held Pelni Care Education CSR by holding a workshop for madrasa teachers in Bau-Bau City. "We are cooperating with the School Back Foundation to hold a workshop for madrasa teachers in Bau-Bau City so that teaching becomes a fun and more interactive activity between teachers and students. Thank God, our CSR activities were welcomed by the teachers, and received support from the Ministry Office The religion of the city of Bau-Bau. "

For four days following Pelni's CSR workshop with the theme "CSR Pelni Caring for Education: Improving the Quality of Madrasa Educators in Bau-Bau City", participants consisting of school principals and teachers were trained to create a more interactive learning and communication atmosphere.

Chairperson of the Arya Hindrarprayoga School Re-Foundation Foundation said that it was very important to involve the headmaster of madrasa in PT Pelni's CSR activities. "To create change in the school environment, if the principal does not have the same vision, it is impossible to change. The presence of the Bau-Bau City Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Rahman Ngkaali at the opening and closing is proof of the Ministry of Religion's support for Pelni's CSR program in the city."

PT Pelni Vice President, La Ode Muhisi, represented PT Pelni's Board of Directors at the closing, expressing his gratitude for the enthusiasm of the principals and teachers during the workshop. "The President Director chose Bau-Bau City as the first city to receive Pelni Care Education CSR Program in 2018 because Bau-Bau City people are in the top 10 who are the biggest customers of PT Pelni in Indonesia." In addition to holding workshops, PT Pelni also provides a "literacy corner" along with a collection of reading books for madrasa schools in Bau-Bau City

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