PT PELNI (Persero)

CSR Program of 2018

Life Jacket for Traditional Harbor

In 2018, PT PELNI's CSR Program distributed 1,500 safety jackets in 6 (six) port cities served by PELNI vessels: Makassar, Manado, Surabaya, Ambon, Balikpapan and Kupang. The target recipients of CSR life jackets are traditional boat owners (wooden / fiber vessels) that are used to transport people and are owned individually / not companies / organizations and operate in the people's shipping area according to information / coordination with the local port authority.

With the life jacket assistance, it is expected to improve shipping safety by increasing the availability of safety equipment on traditional passenger transportation vessels on People's shipping lines while at the same time contributing to people's voyages which serve as passenger feeders for PELNI vessels.

The life jacket submitted by PT PELNI is an international standard type (SOLAS) equipped with waterproof lamps.

Following are the details of the distribution of PT PELNI's 2018 CSR 1500 Life Jacket:

1. Makassar | 250 pcs | Distribution on 12 December 2018

2. Manado | 300 pcs | Distribution on December 19, 2018

3. Surabaya | 250 pcs | Distribution on December 20, 2018

4. Ambon | 300 pcs | Distribution on December 22, 2018

5. Kupang | 200 pcs | Distribution on 21 December 2018

6. Balikpapan | 200 pcs | Distribution on January 7, 2019

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