PT PELNI (Persero)

PT PELNI Community Development Program 2019

PT PELNI Present Home Waste Management in Bima

PT PELNI (Persero) launched the Community Development Program for Home Waste Management (BL RKS). The inauguration of PT PELNI's BL RKS Melayu Program was introduced by the Vice President of PT PELNI Yanto Duriyanto together with the Deputy Mayor of Bima City in Kampung Melayu, Kelurahan Melayu, Asakota District, Bima City, Wednesday (5/12).

The Head of the PT PELNI Corporate Secretariat, Yahya Kuncoro, said that RKS Melayu is a BL program aimed at empowering the community in managing household waste, including garbage from PELNI ships to be converted into goods of the sale value.

For its operations, PT PELNI's RKS Melayu is fostered by the non-profit GMC Foundation, which previously with PT PELNI has successfully run the same program in Batu Licin, South Kalimantan since 2018.

The community assisted by PT PELNI's Malay RKS utilizes waste such as plastic bottles, baby diapers, plastic spoons, cigarette packages, and even bottle caps. The trash will be transformed into plant pots, table chairs, flower vases, and trash cans. For marketing, we rely on online sales as well as direct visits from people who are interested in RKS Melayu

RKS Melayu PT PELNI itself stands on TPS land owned by the Bima City Government which already has the 3R capability (reduce, reuse, recycle). To support its activities, PT PELNI equipped RKS Melayu with a work building measuring 5x6m, a 3-wheeled motorbike for garbage transportation, and 1 unit of machine for sieving garbage and two units of chopping machines for organic and inorganic waste.

The presence of RKS Melayu will then foster nine polling stations belonging to the Bima City Government with guidance from environmental activists from Kampung Inspirasi Bandung.

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