PT PELNI (Persero)


Cargo Reservation

Serving the transportation of goods packages, dry / refeer containers, general cargo, vehicles and rental of commercial transport vessels.

To support the logistics services business, currently PT PELNI has 26 passenger ships; 5 Sea Toll Freight ships; 1 cattle ship; and 7 commercial cargo ships. Find the logistics service requirements that you are looking for, and contact us by filling out the form below.

Commercial Goods Transport

Red Pack

Package delivery of goods by PELNI ships to the recipient's hands with the dimensions of the dimensions 100x50x50cm or a maximum weight of 120kg. Click here

Dry Container

Sending cargo to all ports visiting PELNI ships using containers with a choice of 10 and 20 TEU capacity. Click here

Reefer Container

Sending frozen cargo to all ports visiting PELNI ships using reefer containers with a choice of capacities of 10 and 20 TEUs. Click here

General Cargo

Transport of bulk cargo to all PELNI ports. Click here

Vehicle Transport

Ship transportation vehicles, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled trucks using PELNI ships type 3 in 1 to the ports visited. Click here


Commercial Vessel for Rental

PT PELNI has 7 (seven) ships of commercial goods that can be chartered by other parties under the cooperation scheme (1) Voyage Charter; (2) Time Charter. For specifications of commercial goods ships, click here.

For more information about Commercial Goods Transport or Commercial Vessel for Rental, you can fill out the form below and we will contact you for sure. Thank you.