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PELNI is the largest state-owned shipping company in Indonesia, one of its business businesses is providing ship agency services. Located on Jl. Gajah Mada No. 14, Central Jakarta, As stipulated in Law no 17 of 2008 that concerning general agents namely sea transport companies established to conduct ship agency business, which are appointed by foreign sea transport companies to take care of the interests of their ships while in Indonesia. more specifically, it is explained again in article 11 paragraph 5 that foreign sea transport companies (foreign vessels) carrying out sea transportation activities to or from Indonesian ports open for foreign trade can continuously appoint their representatives in Indonesia.

PELNI AGENCIES has served nearly 80% of foreign ships entering Indonesian waters as well as local vessels. Having 46 branch offices spread across various cities, PT PELNI (Persero) runs a ship agency business with more than 20 years experience, PT PELNI offers services including the management of ship permit documents to carry out activities at the port, to the affairs of the ship agency for owners of goods and ships. In agency services, PELNI AGENCIES has become a modern company that follows the development of technology in the Shipping Business.

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Keagenan PT PELNI (Perssero) melayani :

  1. Cruise Ship
  2. Cargo Ship
  3. Yacht Ship
  4. Tanker Ship
  5. Tugboat Ship & Barge Ship
  6. Special Purpose vessel & Referee Container

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