Cargo Shipping


MV Logistik Nusantara 5

The Sea Toll Road carries the mission of carrying out the availability of goods and reducing the price disparity of basic goods and essential goods between Java and outside Java by organizing scheduled, regular and regular shipping

Sea Highway Distributes basic necessities from western to eastern Indonesia which are categorized as underdeveloped, remote, outermost and border (3TP).

KM Logistik Nusantara Route 5 (Route: T-10)

Tg. Perak – Tidore – Morotai – Galela – Buli – Maba – Veda – Tg. Silver

Loading and Crane Capacity : 290 Teus, 7 Teus Refeer Container and 35 Ton


Departure Load: ceramics, plywood, water pipes, nails, zinc, cement, light bricks, cooking oil, diapers, animal feed, rice, soft drinks, snacks, mild steel, mineral water, instant noodles, sugar, milk, detergent

Chargeback: Copra, Wood, charcoal, scrap metal, coconut

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