During the Idul Fitri 1442 H Homecoming stop, PELNI freight transport increases by 70 perc

From January to May 2021, marine toll ships operated by PT PELNI have transported 3,759 TEUs, an increase of 70% compared to 2020 in the same period.


Welcoming Ramadan, PELNI Holds Ramadan Activities

Entering the Holy Month of Ramadan 1442 H, PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to hold a series of Ramadan activities with the theme Ramadan Caring


During the Abolition of Homecoming, PELNI Switches the Function of Passenger Vessels

During the non-homecoming period of Idul Fitri 1442 H, 26 PELNI passenger ships will be converted to transport logistical cargoes, medicines and medical equipment, as well as other essential goods needed by the region


Transporting Aid from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, PELNI Deploy KM Gandha N

KM Gandha Nusantara 14 carried 1,800 basic food packages and 2 boxes of masks, which were assistance from Indonesian President Joko Widodo


To Increase Return Load, PELNI Invites Local Governments to Boost Leading Commodities

PT PELNI (Persero) invites Regional Governments to maximize the return cargo of sea tolls, by utilizing superior commodities in each region


Follow the rules for not going hometown, these are the Terms of Travel by the PELNI Ship

PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to comply with stopping homecoming by temporarily suspending sea transportation for passengers from 6 to 17 May 2021.


Prepare Two Ships, PELNI Invited People to Send Aid for Disaster Victims in NTT

PT PELNI (Persero) as a maritime shipping and logistics company provides two fleets of passenger ships, KM Awu and KM Egon, to transport humanitarian aid for victims of natural disasters in the East Nusa Tenggara


PT PELNI Sends an Apology for the Polemic of Ramadan Recitation Activities

The management has taken the necessary actions and emphasized that the Company in carrying out its business is guided by the values of Pancasila


PELNI Group Employees Received the First Covid Vaccine Injection

Until now, 1,188 employees have received the vaccine, out of a total of 4,912 PELNI employees spread across 46 branch offices and ships