Strengthening Fleet Reliability, PELNI Signs Contract with DKB

The aim is to support the operational readiness of PELNI ships in the form of guarantees for the provision of dock space in carrying out ship repairs and maintenance in accordance with seaworthy requirements with the principle of mutual benefit.


PELNI Supports the Free Homecoming Program for Motorcycles

KM Dobonsolo and KM Ciremai are capable of transporting up to 2,500 travelers and 1,250 motorbikes.


PELNI Collaborates with PT Skyreach for Procurement of Ship Communication System for 26 Ve

PT PELNI (Persero) cooperates with PT Skyreach, to procure a Ship Communication System (SisKomKap) for 26 PT PELNI (Persero) vessels in 2022-2025.


PELNI Releases Sea Toll Ships for the first time in 2022 at Surabaya

Based on data shows that the PELNI sea toll vessel cargo has increased.


During Nataru 2021/2022, All of PELNI Ships are Ready to Operate

The company ensures the operational readiness of the ship for the smooth transportation of Nataru 2021/2022


PELNI – POS Indonesia Collaboration, Establishes Sea Post Shipment Cooperation

This collaboration is the key and commitment for PT PELNI and PT POS Indonesia to continue to improve public services.


Isoter in Makassar Ends, PELNI Immediately Operates KM Umsini

PELNI ensures the location of the isoter and facilities have been checked in accordance with the applicable prokes standards


Average Load Factor Increases in 2021, PELNI Receives an Award from the Ministry of Transp

The average load factor until August 2021 reached 88.56% for nine sea toll routes.


Welcoming HPN 2021, PELNI Invites Passengers to Enjoy First Class Cruises

This is the Company's appreciation to customers who make PELNI ships the main transportation