PT. PELNI (Persero)

Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating 2020 Event

Consecutively, PELNI Wins Gold Rank in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating 2020 Event

Jakarta, December 14, 2020 - PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia - PT PELNI (Persero) won a Gold Rank in The 16th Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2020. This award is proof of PT PELNI's commitment to implementing and developing environmental, social, and environmental pillars. and the economy through sustainability reporting.

The award was presented by the Director of the National Center for Sustainability Report (NCSR) Ali Darwin together with the Chairperson of the Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) Eko Ganis Sukoharsono and received by the Head of the Corporate Secretary of PT PELNI Yahya Kuncoro in Jakarta, Monday (14/12).

Representing management, Yahya expressed his gratitude for the support that all stakeholders continue to show to the Company. "Alhamdulillah, for two consecutive years PELNI has been awarded a Gold rating in this event. Stakeholder support is very important to ensure the Company's business operations are in line with the desired direction and goals and provide sustainable benefits," explained Yahya.

This year, PELNI includes a continuation report with the theme "Connecting Indonesia". This theme was chosen to demonstrate the role of PT PELNI (Persero) as a BUMN that consistently increases its contribution in building sea transportation connectivity, especially for people in disadvantaged, remote, outermost, and border (3TP) islands.

PELNI as a State-Owned Enterprise which operates in the sea transportation sector, currently operates 26 passenger ships and stops by 83 ports and serves 1,100 segments.

Apart from passenger transportation, PELNI also serves 45 pioneer ship routes which are a means of accessibility for population mobility in the 3TP area where pioneer ships stop at 275 ports with 3,739 sections. PELNI also operates as many as 20 Rede ships. Meanwhile, in the logistics business service, PELNI now operates 4 cargo ships, 8 sea toll ships and 1 special livestock ship