PT. PELNI (Persero)

Infobank 9th BUMN Award 2018

Financial Performance Category for 2017

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) - PELNI was awarded in the Infobank 9th BUMN Award 2018 in the category of BUMN Air, Land and Sea Transportation with the title of "Very Good" BUMN for 2017 Financial Performance at the Sangri-La Hotel in Jakarta, Wednesday (9/26) ) / 2018) night.

The award was received by the OM Passenger Transportation Business Director. Sodikin represented the Directors of PELNI. On the occasion, OM.Sodikin expressed gratitude for the selection of PELNI in this award. "This award is the success of all PELNI personnel in 2017 so that they get the Very Good Category," explained OM. Sodikin.