PT. PELNI (Persero)

Operators with the Best Payload Percentage 2022

PT PELNI (Persero) received an award from the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia as the Operator with the Best Payload Achievement Percentage for the 2022 Sea Toll Road to PT PELNI (Persero) Route 28-B.

The award was given by the Director of Traffic and Sea Transportation Capt. Hendri Ginting to VP of Non-Commercial Goods Business Ridwan Mandaliko as Management representative in Surabaya, Tuesday (23/8).

The award was given in conjunction with the National Sea Toll Coordination Meeting with the theme "Creating an Effective, Efficient and Accountable Sea Toll to Support Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery" in Surabaya, 23 to 24 August 2022.

The T-28B route itself is served by KM Lognus 1 with the route Surabaya - Fak-Fak - Kaimana - Elat - Dobo