PT. PELNI (Persero)

Digital Marketing & Human Capital Awards 2020

PELNI Won Award at Digital Marketing & Human Capital Award 2020

Jakarta, 25 November 2020 - PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) again received appreciation at the prestigious event from BusinessNews Indonesia Magazine. This time, PT PELNI received an award in the field of Human Resources (HR), namely the 4 Star Platinum title in the category The Best Human Capital in Recruitment & Engagement Management 2020 (Transportation Services) at the 2020 Digital Marketing & Human Capital Award, on Wednesday ( 25/11) in Jakarta.

The Head of Corporate Secretary of PT PELNI Yahya Kuncoro expressed his gratitude to BusinessNews Indonesia Magazine for the appreciation given to PT PELNI. "Alhamdulillah, we were given the opportunity to receive this award. This award is an appreciation for PT PELNI in terms of HR development to support the improvement of the Company's performance, starting from the recruitment process to developing its career at the Company, "explained Yahya.

According to Yahya, the process of recruiting HR at the Company, of course PT PELNI selects the best Indonesian sons and daughters who have the ability and strong competitiveness to realize the Company's vision and mission and provide maximum service to the Indonesian people.

"After going through the recruitment process, we provide knowledge through Education and Training (Diklat) to support the hard skills and soft skills of PELNI personnel. Not only that, the Company also continues to build good relations with PELNI personnel to increase enthusiasm and loyalty in working, "explained Yahya.

In line with the company's new core values, namely AKHLAK - Trustworthy, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive and Collaborative, PT PELNI is committed to always implementing AKHLAK for PELNI personnel in carrying out their duties in every job. "We make this AKHLAK value a spirit that is deeply embedded and becomes the Company's work culture so that it can reflect the actions of all PELNI personnel in line with the Company's business processes," explained Yahya.

Yahya also added that the Company not only creates superior human resources, but the Company is committed to always maintaining relationships with PELNI People. "We are innovating in the field of technology through the HR Helpdesk & Employee Assessment Program (EAP) application. This application contains questions, complaints and counseling services related to employment, "added Yahya.

For information, this prestigious event is organized by BusinessNews Indonesia Magazine in collaboration with IMA (Indonesia Marketing Association), FHCI (Indonesian Human Capital Forum) and the Indonesian Digital Marketing Association (aDIGIMIND). This event was attended by around 400 BUMN, BUMD and private companies who were nominated with the results of 25 companies being selected as winners.

PELNI as a State-Owned Enterprise which is engaged in sea transportation has currently operated 26 passenger ships and stopped at 83 ports and served 1,100 segments.
Apart from passenger transportation, PELNI also serves 45 pioneer ship routes which are a means of accessibility for population mobility in the 3TP area where pioneer ships stop at 275 ports with 3,739 sections. PELNI also operates as many as 20 Rede ships. Meanwhile, in the logistics business service, PELNI now operates 4 cargo ships, 8 sea toll ships and 1 special livestock ship.