PT. PELNI (Persero)

Rising Star CFO

Tri Andayani managed to proud PT PELNI by winning an award for the Special Award - Rising Star category from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Awards organized by Bisnis Indonesia Daily.

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero)--PELNI won an award for The Rising Star CFO BUMN Award 2019 from Bisnis Indonesia. The award is an appreciation for the highest leaders in the financial sector of State of Enterprises (SoEs) that have innovated and transformed. The award was received directly by the Financial Director of PELNI Tri Andayani.

"This award is our joint work for the country through the SoEs where we are placed. This award is not solely for me personally, but my service to my beloved country through PELNI," explained Andayani at JW Marriot.

This award is given by the Editor in Chief of Bisnis Indonesia to CFOs who are considered capable of prioritizing various steps of change that can significantly improve company performance. In addition, the CFO's asset monetization and digitization system was able to confirm various innovations, especially in terms of service and safety, which did not merely utilize government PSO funds.

Behind the success of the company's top leaders, one of them comes from the expertise of the CFO who understands thoroughly about finance to sustain business strategy and operations. Not only focusing on directing companies to improve cost efficiency, the CFO also plays a role in efforts to pursue profits and ensure the sustainability of company's operations.