PT. PELNI (Persero)

BUMN Track : BUMN Branding & Marketing Award 2020

PELNI won appreciation in the Trans Archipelago Branding category

PT PELNI (Persero) received an award at the "BUMN Branding & Marketing Award 2020". In this event organized by BUMN TRACK, PELNI won appreciation in the Trans Archipelago Branding category - BUMN Branding Award 2020.

The award was given by Prof. Dr. PM. Budi Haryono, who acted as the jury and was accepted by the Director of PELNI Passenger Transportation Business O.M. Sodikin in Jakarta on Thursday (5/11).

After receiving the award, Sodikin thanked the organizers of the 2020 BUMN Branding & Marketing Award for the appreciation given. "Of course, this award is an appreciation and encourages us to continue to innovate and better understand the wants and needs of PELNI customers, especially in the current conditions," he explained.

This award also further supports the Company's vision to become the Leading Maritime Shipping and Logistics Company in Southeast Asia. "With the fleet of passenger and cargo ships that we operate, we are confident that we can continue to connect Indonesia through sea transportation for both passengers and goods. PELNI is constantly improving and optimizing innovations in the Company's branding and marketing so as to increase PELNI's competitiveness," added Sodikin.

On the same occasion, the Head of Corporate Secretary of PT PELNI, Yahya Kuncoro, also expressed his gratitude to the organizers for the appreciation given. "Alhamdulillah, we are grateful for this award. PELNI will also continue to improve its capabilities, innovate, and continue to contribute positively to corporate stakeholders and especially our customers," Yahya concluded.

The 8th BUMN Branding & Marketing Award in 2020 is an event organized by BUMN Track Magazine in collaboration with Arrbey Consulting. This event takes the theme "Optimizing Omni Channel on Branding and Marketing" with the aim of encouraging and utilizing omni channels among SOEs by optimizing branding and marketing in order to improve competitiveness in domestic and global markets.

PELNI as a State Owned Enterprise which is engaged in sea transportation has operated 26 passenger ships and stopped at 83 ports and served 1,100 segments.

In addition to passenger transportation, PELNI also serves 45 pioneer ship routes which are a means of accessibility for population mobility in the 3TP area where pioneer ships stop at 275 ports with 3,739 sections. PELNI also operates as many as 20 Rede ships. Meanwhile, in the logistics business, PELNI currently operates 4 cargo ships, 8 sea toll ships and 1 special livestock ship.