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Passengers Increases in the Third Quarter, PELNI Operates 23 Ships

Passengers of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) in the middle of the third quarter of 2020 recorded an increase of 314% compared to the previous quarter.

Jakarta, September 16, 2020 - Passengers of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) in the middle of the third quarter of 2020 recorded an increase of 314% compared to the previous quarter. The company hopes that the 11 ports that are still closing their activities can operate as soon as possible.

The Head of PT PELNI Corporate Secretary Yahya Kuncoro said that although 11 ports were still closed, 23 out of the 26 ships were operating in September 2020. "The ports which are still closed by the local government are Tarempa, Letung, Kijang, Karimunjawa, Bontang, Lewoleba, Namrole, Saumlaki, Nabire, Agats, and Merauke, "said Yahya.

According to the data, in Q III-2020 until September 13, 2020, the number of passengers on PT PELNI's passenger ships was 151,685 or increasing to 314% from 36,603 passengers in QII-2020. "The number of increases in passengers is quite significant, this is because in the second quarter the number of ships operating was less than in the third quarter due to the Covid-19 Pandemic," said Yahya.

This September, 23 passenger ship has scheduled to operate, while KM Tidar has started its operation in the second week. 22 other passenger ships will start operational activities this week, including:

1. KM Lambelu (ETD 16 September 2020) : Makassar ParePare Balikpapan Tarakan Nunukan Pantoloan Balikpapan ParePare Makassar BauBau Larantuka Kupang Larantuka Maumere BauBau Makassar ParePare Balikpapan Pantoloan Tarakan Nunukan Balikpapan ParePare Makassar

2. KM Egon (ETD 29 September 2020) : Waingapu Lembar Waingapu Lembar Surabaya Batulicin ParePare Batulicin Surabaya Lembar Waingapu


3. KM KFC Jetliner (ETD 26 September 2020) : Wanci Baubau Raha Kendari Raha Baubau Wanci Baubau Raha Kendari Raha Baubau Wanci


4. KM Gunung Dempo (ETD 25 September 2020) : Tg.Priok Surabaya Makassar Sorong Manokwari Wasior Jayapura Wasior Jayapura Wasior Manokwari Sorong Namlea Makassar Surabaya - Tg. Priok


5. KM Tilongkabila (ETD 26 September 2020) : Benoa Lembar Bima Labuanbajo Makassar BauBau Raha Kendari Luwuk Gorontalo Bitung Gorontalo Luwuk Kendari Raha BauBau Makassar Labuanbajo Bima Benoa


6. KM Tatamailau (ETD 27 September 2020) : Bitung Tidore - Sorong-  FakFak Kaimana Tual Timika Merauke (return)


7. KM Bukit Siguntang (ETD 20 September 2020) : Makassar ParePare Balikpapan Tarakan Nunukan Balikpapan ParePare Makassar - Maumere - Larantuka - Kupang - Larantuka - Maumere - Makassar - Parepare - Balikpapan - Tarakan - Nunukan - Balikpapan - Parepare - Makassar


8. KM Dorolonda (ETD 24 September 2020): Tg. Priok Surabaya Makassar BauBau Namlea Ambon Ternate Bitung (return)


9. KM Binaiya (ETD 28 September 2020) : Makassar Bima - Labuan Bajo Makassar - Labuan Bajo Bima Benoa Bima - Labuan Bajo Makassar


10. KM Dobonsolo (ETD 30 September 2020) : Tg. Priok Surabaya Makassar BauBau Ambon Sorong Serui Jayapura - Serui - Sorong - Ambon - Baubau - Makassar - Surabaya - Tg.Priok


11. KM Umsini (ETD 25 September 2020) : Batam - Tg.Priok - Surabaya - Makassar Maumere Larantuka Kupang Larantuka Maumere Makassar Surabaya - Tg. Priok Batam


12. KM Awu (ETD 29 September 2020) : Kumai - Surabaya Benoa Bima Waingapu Ende Kupang Kalabahi Kupang Ende Waingapu Bima Benoa Surabaya Kumai


13. KM Sinabung (ETD 17 September 2020) : Surabaya Makassar BauBau Banggai Bitung Ternate Bacan Sorong Manokwari Biak Jayapura (return)


14. KM Ciremai (ETD 19 September 2020) : Tg. Priok Surabaya Makassar BauBau Sorong Manokwari Biak Jayapura Biak Manokwari Sorong Namlea BauBau Makassar Surabaya Tg. Priok


15. KM Labobar (ETD 22 September 2020) : Surabaya - Balikpapan - Pantoloan - Bitung - Ternate - Sorong - Manokwari - Serui - Jayapura (return)


16. KM Kelimutu (ETD 17 September 2020) : Semarang - Kumai - Surabaya - Kumai - Semarang - Kumai - Semarang - Sampit - Surabaya


17. KM Nggapulu (ETD 21 September 2020) : Tg. Priok - Surabaya - Makassar - Baubau - Ambon - Banda - Tual - Dobo - Kaimana - Fakfak (return)


18. KM Sirimau (ETD 21 September 2020) : Kupang - Kalabahi - Tual - Dobo - Timika - Merauke - Timika - Dobo - Tual - Kalabahi - Kupang - Maumere - Baubau - Wanci - Ambon - Sorong - Manokwari


19. KM Wilis (ETD 18 September 2020) : Makassar - Labuanbajo - Bima - Waikelo - Waingapu - Ende - Kupang - Ende - Waingapu - Waikelo - Bima - Labuanbajo - Makassar - Batulicin


20. KM Sangiang (ETD 18 September 2020) : Bitung - Ternate - Sanana - Namlea - Ambon - Geser - Fakfak - Sorong (return)


21. KM Lawit (ETD 26 September 2020) : Tg. Priok - Pontianak Semarang - Kumai - Semarang - Pontianak - Tg.Priok


22. KM Leuser (ETD 22 September 2020) : Surabaya-Benoa-Bima-Labuanbajo-Makassar-BauBau-Wanci-Ambon-Tual-Dobo-Timika-Merauke (return)

"Meanwhile, KM Kelud and KM Bukit Raya are in the process of docking. KM Pangrango will also prepare for docking. We hope that in October, 26 passenger ships can operate normally again, "added Yahya.

More information about the ship routes and schedules can be found through PELNI official social media at @ Pelni162 and the website as well as the PELNI contact center at 021-162.

PELNI is a State-Owned Enterprise that operates in the field of sea transportation has currently operated as many as 26 passenger ships and visited 83 ports and served 1,100 sections.

In addition to passenger transportation, PELNI also serves 45 pioneer ship routes which become a means of accessibility for population mobility in the 3TP area where pioneer vessels stop at 275 ports with 3,739 sections. PELNI also operates a total of 20 Rede vessels. Whereas in the logistics business services, PELNI now operates 4 cargo ships, 8 sea toll vessels, and 1 cattle-specific vessel.

If you need confirmation, please contact:
Yahya Kuncoro
Head of Corporate Secretariat PT PELNI (Persero)
Mobile: 0811 988 0162

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PT PELNI (Persero) continues to maximize the operational implementation of sea toll vessels to ensure the distribution and availability of staple goods and other important items in Indonesia.


68th Anniversary, PELNI Builds Indonesian Sea Connectivity

The 68th anniversary of the anniversary, PELNI carried the theme 'Building Connectivity'.


Operating Special Livestock Ships, PELNI Optimistic that Livestock Distribution Continues

PT PELNI (Persero) was assigned by the Ministry of Transportation to continue the management of KM Camar Nusantara I as one of the special cattle ships that operated by the Company.


Awarded as Best CEO 2020,CEO of PELNI Praises Ship Crews Who Fight Amid the COVID Pandemic

President Director of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) won an award from Iconomics as Best CEO 2020 In Shipping Category


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