Support the Availability of Regional Needs PELNI Commitment to Continue Serving Logistics

PELNI is committed to continuing to maximize services, passenger ships are optimized for logistics transportation throughout Indonesia, especially to meet the needs of communities approaching the Holy Month of Ramadan 1441 AH and Eid al-Fitr in 2020.

Jakarta, 19 April 2020 - In the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia, PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) - PELNI is committed to continuing to maximize services, passenger ships are optimized for logistics transportation throughout Indonesia, especially to meet the needs of communities approaching the Holy Month of Ramadan 1441 AH and Eid al-Fitr in 2020.

Regarding the closure of a number of ports in Indonesia, the Head of the Corporate Secretariat of PT PELNI (Persero), Yahya Kuncoro explained that some areas closed the port for passenger riding activities, but still allowed PELNI ships to transport goods and were allowed to carry out logistics demolition activities.

"Around 50 percent of PT PELNI's (Perseo) passenger vessels have space to transport dry and reefer containers, general cargo transportation, and several vessels can transport vehicles. We optimize the potential of this logistics transportation so that the needs of goods in the regions, especially Eastern Indonesia can meet, "he explained.

As a state-owned sea transportation company which is the backbone of the availability of national logistics, PELNI remains committed to operating its ships to assist local governments and communities in national logistics distribution. PELNI is ready to operate its ships in rotation to several regions that continue to open their ports, especially for the transportation of goods and a small portion of people's transportation for areas that allow passengers to disembark.

In addition, in the case of passenger transportation, in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, since 4 April 2020, PELNI management has taken the decision to sell tickets at a maximum of 50% of the seating capacity installed on each vessel. This decision was taken as a follow-up from a letter issued by the Director of Sea Traffic and Transport regarding Optimization of Operations for Passenger Vessels and Pioneer PSOs in the Quarantine Period due to COVID-19. This is done so that the physical distance for passengers.

Yahya further explained that Management will provide space restrictions for passengers. "For the sake of safety and mutual comfort and to minimize interaction between officers and passengers, Management will implement a policy so that passengers are given access only to certain decks," he added.

In addition, in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Management also requires all prospective passengers who will travel on PELNI ships to be able to include a health certificate issued by the local Health Service Facility (Faskes).

In line with government policy, starting 12 April 2020 PELNI requires all passengers to wear masks while on the plane. PELNI consistently measures body temperature for all passengers before boarding the ship. The company also sprayes disinfectants on all its ships on a regular basis, as well as applying physical distances for passengers by adjusting the distance between passengers as far as 1-2 meters both on the bed number and when waiting in line to eat.

Likewise with hand sanitizers that have been provided on each deck of the passenger, hand washing soap in each toilet, providing masks for sick passengers in the middle of the trip, and giving advice on health through loudspeakers every three hours.

PELNI management also continues to communicate and coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation as a regulator of the routes and vessels to be used, because several ships are currently undergoing ports. "As operators, we certainly comply with regulations and protocols established by the Ministry of Transportation relating to logistics transportation during the COVID-19 period. We have also instructed all branches and personnel of ships to be on standby if at any time the ship is operated," he added.

PELNI ships to be operated include KM. Gunung Dempo, which has just been docked in Semarang, will be sent to Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. Ships capable of carrying 99 containers will depart from Tanjung Priok Port on April 24, 2020 to Surabaya - Makassar - Ambon - Sorong - Jayapura - Sorong - Makassar - Surabaya and return to Tanjung Priok KM. Mount Dempo will Omisi Manokwari, Nabire, Wasior and will be Deviations in Ambon.

Furthermore KM. Sinabung will depart from Tanjung Priok to Belawan. This ship will change the route of KM. Kelud from Tanjung Priok - Kijang - Batam - Belawan PP.

KM. Ciremai, a multifunctional boat for transporting vehicles, containers and people, will depart from Tanjung Priok on 28 April 2020 to Surabaya - Makassar - Baubau - Sorong - Biak - Jayapura - Biak - Sorong - Namlea - Baubau - Makassar - Surabaya - Tanjung Priok . "The ship will go to Omok Manokwari and turn to Namlea," added Yahya Kuncoro.

KM. Nggapulu will depart on 1 May 2020 with the route Tanjung Priok - Surabaya - Makassar - Baubau - Ambon - Banda Neira - Tual - Dobo - Fakfak PP and the negligence of Kaimana. KM. Dobonsolo will depart from Tanjung Priok on May 4, 2020 to - Surabaya - Makassar - Baubau - Ambon - Sorong - Serui - Jayapura - Sorong - Ambon - Baubau - Makassar - Surabaya - Tanjung Priok and Serui negligence.

KM. Labobar from 27 April 2020 with the route Surabaya - Makassar - Parepare - Balikpapan - Tarakan-Nunukan - Pantoloan - Balikpapan - Parepare - Makassar - Surabaya. "KM. Labobar carries out route engineering to transport General Cargo so that community needs are still met," Yahya Kuncoro continued.

KM. Dorolonda will depart from Tanjung Priok on a regular schedule on May 8, 2020. Whereas KM. Kelud will remain in the port in Belawan from 13-30 April 2020. "These ships can carry containers and cargo. PELNI, together with the Ministry of Transportation, designs the operations of ships to be able to meet the needs of the community," Yahya added.

For non-container passenger ships including KM. Lambelu, the port of residence in Makassar from 09-27 April 2020. KM. Tidar Harbor lives in Makassar until 30 April 2020. KM. The Bukit Siguntang Port remains in Makassar until May 2, 2020. KM. Umsini Port lives in Makassar on April 17 to May 1, 2020. KM. Wilis Harbor lives in Makassar 12-30 April 2020. KM. Sirimau Port lives after anchoring in Makassar on April 17-30, 2020. KM. The Binaiya Port lives in Makassar until 17-30 April 2020. KM. Tilongkabila Harbor lives in Makassar April 20-30, 2020.

KM. Bukit Raya will have a rapid test plan on the April 20, 2020 deer, and is still waiting for more information. Upon arrival at Tanjung Priok, the ship will be port stay from April 22-May 7, 2020.

Other ships that are still port stay are KM. Legitimate in Tanjung Priok 10-30 April 2020. KM. Awu port stay in Surabaya 31 March-26 April 2020. KM. Leuser port stay in Surabaya 19-30 April 2020. KM. Kelimutu port stay in Semarang 19-30 April 2020. KM. Tatamailau port stay in Bitung 31 March-30 April 2020. KM. Sangiang port stay in Bitung 14-30 April 2020 and KM. Pangrango port stay in Ambon April 16-30, 2020.

Whereas for Ro-Ro Ships, namely KM. Egon port stay in Surabaya 5-15 April 2020. KM. Egon has been operating from 15 - 22 April 2020 with the route Surabaya - Sheets - Waingapu PP. After arriving in Surabaya, the port stay will be on April 22-29, 2020. Finally for KFC. Jetliner port stay on Bau-Bau April 11-30, 2020.

PELNI is a State-Owned Enterprise that operates in the field of sea transportation has currently operated as many as 26 passenger ships and visited 83 ports and served 1,100 sections. In addition to passenger transportation, PELNI also serves 45 pioneer ship routes which become a means of accessibility for population mobility in the T3P area where pioneer vessels stop at 275 ports with 3,739 sections.

If you need confirmation, contact:
Yahya Kuncoro
Head of Corporate Secretariat PT PELNI (Persero)
Mobile: 0811 988 0162

Other News


The 21st Anniversary of the BUMN Ministry PELNI Shares Cheap Food to Ship Passengers in Se

PELNI Berbagi Pangan Murah Kepada Penumpang Kapal di Semarang


PELNI Distributes Hundreds of Grocery Packages

Aid was handed over symbolically by the President Director of PT PELNI (Persero), Insan Purwarisya L Tobing to participants who received benefits and witnessed by North Petojo Village Chief, Indarto at the Head Office of PT PELNI (Persero)


Laut Bersih

PELNI Resmikan Rumah Kelola Sampah di Batu Licin, Kalimantan Selatan



PLN-PELNI Signed MOU for Logistics Transportation


Ministry of Stated Owned Enterprises 21st Anniversary

Dalam rangka menyongsong ulang tahun yang ke-21, Kementerian Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) dan HUT ke-67 PT. Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) - PELNI, Kementerian BUMN kembali melakukan kegiatan bersama masyarakat di berbagai daerah di Indonesia.


PELNI Require Use of Masks for Passengers

The policy has been socialized since Friday (9/4) and takes effect from 12 April 2020.


Celebrate The fifth Year, PT PELNI's Sea Highway Cargo Keeps Growing Consistently

PELNI has distributed sea toll cargo totaling 22,497 TEUs


PELNI Helps Flood Affected Victims in North Jakarta Region

PT PELNI (Persero) took part in the Joint Post of SOEs to help deal with flooding in the Greater Jakarta area.


Improving the Quality of Human Resources, PELNI Signs MoU with Pertamina University

The commitment of PT PELNI (Persero) in developing strong human resources


PELNI Ready to Operate KM Logistics Nusantara 6

PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to operate KM Logistik Nusantara (Lognus) 6 which will be used specifically to carry cargo on the sea highway program.


BUMN Ministry Replace Two PELNI Commissioners

Management would like to thank Danang Parikesit and Lotto Srinaita Ginting for their contribution to the Company


Semester 1-2020, PELNI Goods Cargo Increases 300 percent

PELNI recorded an increase in the volume of container cargo transported by cargo ships during Semester 1 of 2020 to almost 300 percent over the same period from the previous year.


BUMN Foundation for Indonesia and PELNI Providing Aid for West Sulawesi Disaster Victims

PELNI is always ready to be a part of the caring action led by BUMN Foundation for Indonesia


Upon arrival at Tanjung Priok, KM Nggapulu Plans Portstay

Based on the test results, there were 16 crew members who showed reactive results. Now 16 people have been taken to the PELNI Hospital for further examination.


PELNI Maximizes Ship Operations for the Eid Al-Adha Period

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) continues to maximize the operations of passenger ships and pioneer ships during the Idul Adha 1441 H / 2020 period, falls on Friday (31/7).


PELNI Ships Are Ready to Support the Government in Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine

With its routes entering big cities and 3TP areas (underdeveloped, remote, outermost, and border), PELNI ships are very likely to take the role of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.


Nataru Season, PELNI's Sea Toll Transport Shows Positive Trend

Sea Highway Payload has increased by 13 percent since the Nataru period began compared to 2019 in the same period


During Christmas and New Year Holidays, PELNI Provides Different Services Onboard

Welcoming Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021, PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to fully operate all passenger ships owned by still paying attention to health protocols during the voyage


Indicated as OTG, Crew of 5 KM Dorolonda Recovering from Covid 19

The examination results showed that there were 3 passengers from Jakarta indicated that Covid-19 and 19 crew members were indicated to be exposed to Covid-19 without symptoms (OTG).


Arrived at Tg. Priok, Crew of KM Bukit Raya Goes Health Test

Management will continue to monitor the healthy development of KM Bukit Raya crew


PELNI Assesses Special Rates for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Products

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to help expand the distribution of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) products.


Strengthening End to End Logistics Business, PELNI Prepares "My Cargoo" Cargo Ordering App

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) aggressively strengthening its logistics business through the My Cargoo application.


Open and Transparent Recruitment of Candidates for Employees, PELNI Encourages the Public

PT PELNI upholds integrity and transparent in accepting prospective employees


PELNI Wins Two Awards from the Ministry of Transportation

As the success in carrying out the assignment of the Tol Laut Program and livestock ships, PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) received an appreciation from the Ministry of Transportation.


Commissioner Hand Over Medical Aid to PELNI Hospital

Aid was handed over symbolically by Eddy Susanto Soepadmo


PELNI Group Provides Transportation Assistance for Medical Personnel

PELNI Group provide bus fleet facilities as shuttle transportation for medical personnel who work at PELNI Hospital, Jakarta.


Starting in 2021, Sea Toll Ship transported 21 Containers to Eastern Indonesia

PT PELNI is always committed to serving the public, especially the 3TP area


Ahead of Eid al-Adha, PELNI's Livestock Ships Continue to Increase

As of mid-July, the cargo of cattle on ships operated by PELNI reached 2,968.


Appreciated by the NTSC, PELNI continues to improve the COVID-19 Health Protocols

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) received a visit from the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) that wanted to see the implementation of the COVID-19 health protocols in the Company's environment.


PELNI Masih Berlakukan Rapid Test Antibodi Untuk Penumpang

Penerapan protokol kesehatan yang ketat terutama mewajibkan Rapid Test Antibodi menjadi poin penting bagi para penumpang kapal PELNI


Transported Humanitarian Aid, KM Egon Departs From Surabaya Port

KM Egon transported 691 coli of relief items for disaster victims in South Kalimantan and West Sulawesi


Long Holiday, PELNI Operates All Passenger Ships

A total of 26 passenger ships are ready to serve customers who wish to travel by sea on joint leave and national holidays of the Prophet Muhammad's.


Sesuai Aturan Pemerintah, PELNI Masih Berlakukan Rapid Test Antibodi Untuk Penumpang

Penggunaan Rapid Test Antibodi masih menjadi salah satu syarat utama bagi calon penumpang kapal PELNI


Operating Special Livestock Ships, PELNI Optimistic that Livestock Distribution Continues

PT PELNI (Persero) was assigned by the Ministry of Transportation to continue the management of KM Camar Nusantara I as one of the special cattle ships that operated by the Company.


Covid Cases Rise Again, PELNI Continues to Remind Prokes to Passengers

The company is consistent in implementing health protocols according to the rules of the Covid-19 Task Force Number 12 of 2021 and the SE Ministry of Transportation Number 25 of 2021.


PELNI Returns to Open Ticket Purchase Channels

PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to welcome the peak season moments of Christmas and New Year 2021 (Nataru) by re-opening the PELNI ship ticket sales channel through the mobile application and website on the 25th of November 2020


15 KM Kelud Crew Recovers Recover From Covid-19

After showing negative results for two consecutive swab checks.


PELNI Maximizes the Implementation of Sea Toll Vessels through Our Home Logistics Center

PT PELNI (Persero) continues to maximize the operational implementation of sea toll vessels to ensure the distribution and availability of staple goods and other important items in Indonesia.


68th Anniversary, PELNI Builds Indonesian Sea Connectivity

The 68th anniversary of the anniversary, PELNI carried the theme 'Building Connectivity'.


PELNI Provides CSR Assistance for PELNI Hospital

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) once again distributed several CSR assistance to medical personnel at PELNI Hospital.


Sepuluh Hari Pelayanan Nataru, 98 Ribu Penumpang Berpergian Dengan Kapal PELNI

Mengantisipasi besarnya jumlah penumpang pada Nataru, PT PELNI menyesuaikan kebijakan pemerintah terhadap protokol kesehatan diatas kapal


PELNI Requires Passenger Health Certificate

PT PELNI (Persero) has required all prospective passengers who will travel on PELNI ships to include COVID -Health certificates free -19 issued by hospitals


Active in the CSR Program, PELNI Wins Two Awards at the 2020 TOP CSR Awards

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) won two awards in the categories "Top CSR Awards 2020 # Star 4" and "Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2020"


Demand Rises, PELNI Add One Sea Toll Vessel to Morotai

As of the fourth quarter of 2020, KM Logistik Nusantara 6 owned by PT PELNI (Persero) will serve Morotai Island as an addiional route


GeNose C19 Becomes an Alternative, PELNI Ensures Health Protocol Remains a Priority

PT PELNI fully supports the implementation of GeNose C19 on PELNI vessels


Active in Managing Disasters, PELNI Received Award from BNPB

The company received an award in the category of business institutions that are active and consistent in disaster management in Indonesia


PELNI Comply with Government Regulations Related to Prohibition of Lebaran Mudik Year 2020

The ban has been set from 24 April 2020 to 8 June 2020.


PELNI Transports More Than 19 Thousands Passengers During Long Holiday

PT PELNI (Persero) has served 19,224 passengers who traveled during the period of joint leave and the national holiday of the Prophet Muhammad.


PELNI Prepares Ship Operations for Passenger Transport

PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to reopen operational activities to transport passengers


New Normal Sea Transportation, PELNI Optimistic Number of Passengers Increases

PELNI welcomes the opening of port access in several regions in Indonesia.


Kapal PELNI Layani 151 Ribu Pelanggan Selama Periode Libur Natal 2020

Adanya peningkatan jumlah penumpang saat Nataru menjadi perhatian utama PELNI untuk meingkatkan layanan dan tetap sesuai protokol kesehatan


Operating 26 Ships, PELNI Projects to Transport 300 Thousand Passengers in the 4th Quarter

The company projects that in the fourth quarter of 2020, the ship can carry up to 343,472 customers.


Minister of Transportation Appreciates PT PELNI Management

The Minister of Transportation appreciated the compliance and services of the Company and other port stakeholders in implementing the homecoming elimination period this year.


The Post-Homecoming Abolition Period is Extended, PELNI Tightens Health Protocols

In accordance with Addendum SE Kasatgas Number 13 of 2021, the post-homecoming period which originally ended on May 24, 2021 was extended to May 31, 2021.


PELNI Releases Sea Toll Ships for the first time in 2022 at Surabaya

Based on data shows that the PELNI sea toll vessel cargo has increased.


Entering the Covid-19 Vaccination, KM Kelud's Sailors Received the First Injection

PELNI fully supports the Government's vaccination program


PELNI prepares the ship to become a Covid-19 OTG Isolation Place

KM Umsini, which is currently temporarily suspended (portstay), will be used as an isolation location for a Covid-19 patients (OTG) until they healed


PELNI urges passengers to complete travel documents during the PPKM period

PT PELNI continues to remind prospective passengers to complete travel requirements in the form of vaccine certificates and other travel requirements.


PELNI Group Employees Received the First Covid Vaccine Injection

Until now, 1,188 employees have received the vaccine, out of a total of 4,912 PELNI employees spread across 46 branch offices and ships


After the homecoming tightening, PELNI serves Online Ticket Sales again

PT PELNI (Persero) again serves the sale of boat tickets online during the tightening period after the Idul Fitri 1442 H homecoming. This online service will reopen on May 18, 2021 through the Company's official website and PELNI Mobile Apps


Improving Service for Customers, PELNI Plans to Add Independent Printing Machines

The company is committed to continuing to provide convenience. Passengers no longer have to go to the branch office to exchange tickets but can now print directly on the day of departure at the port


Easier, PELNI Encourages Customers to Use Cashless Payments

Cashless payments are applied to provide convenience, safety and convenience for customers


Prepare Two Ships, PELNI Invited People to Send Aid for Disaster Victims in NTT

PT PELNI (Persero) as a maritime shipping and logistics company provides two fleets of passenger ships, KM Awu and KM Egon, to transport humanitarian aid for victims of natural disasters in the East Nusa Tenggara


First Day of Travel After the Abolition of Homecoming, PELNI Transports 5,000 Passengers

PT PELNI (Persero) carried 5,388 passengers on the first day of travel tightening after the elimination of the Eid homecoming in 2021. 3,966 passengers traveled by passenger ships and 1,422 passengers on pioneer ships.


More Secure, PELNI Becomes the First to Provide GeNose C19 on the Ship

GeNose C19 is present on all 26 PELNI passenger ships to ensure the health condition of all crew members and passengers during the voyage.


Emergency PPKM adaptation, PELNI makes Ship Operational Adjustments

Of the 26 passenger ships, PELNI ships will continue to navigate their regular routes, while 13 PELNI ships will receive route adjustments.


PELNI Transports 56 Containers of Rice to 3TP Areas

A total of 56 containers of superior rice commodities from Merauke were transported to the Papua and West Papua regions


PELNI Ships are Officially Used for Floating Isolation of Makassar City

KM Umsini is ready to become a floating isolation place for 785 OTG Covid-19 patients


Operating in Medan, the Ceremony of PELNI Isoter Ship was Witness by Two Minister

KM Bukit Raya is the third PELNI ship to be operated as centralized isolation after previously KM Tatamailau was officially operated in Bitung City.


During Nataru 2021/2022, All of PELNI Ships are Ready to Operate

The company ensures the operational readiness of the ship for the smooth transportation of Nataru 2021/2022


PELNI Calls for Completeness of Passenger Travel Requirements during PPKM

PT PELNI (Persero) again urges all travelers with PELNI ships to complete travel requirements documents and comply with health protocols during the voyage.


PT PELNI Sends an Apology for the Polemic of Ramadan Recitation Activities

The management has taken the necessary actions and emphasized that the Company in carrying out its business is guided by the values of Pancasila


Starting April 1, PELNI Make GeNose C19 Alternative Departure Requirements

Application of GeNose C19 as an alternative departure requirement for PELNI vessels. This policy will take effect starting April 1, 2021 in accordance with SE of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Number 12 of 2021 concerning Domestic Travel Provisions.


Transporting Aid from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, PELNI Deploy KM Gandha N

KM Gandha Nusantara 14 carried 1,800 basic food packages and 2 boxes of masks, which were assistance from Indonesian President Joko Widodo


Welcoming Ramadan, PELNI Holds Ramadan Activities

Entering the Holy Month of Ramadan 1442 H, PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to hold a series of Ramadan activities with the theme Ramadan Caring


Follow the rules for not going hometown, these are the Terms of Travel by the PELNI Ship

PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to comply with stopping homecoming by temporarily suspending sea transportation for passengers from 6 to 17 May 2021.


To Increase Return Load, PELNI Invites Local Governments to Boost Leading Commodities

PT PELNI (Persero) invites Regional Governments to maximize the return cargo of sea tolls, by utilizing superior commodities in each region


During the Abolition of Homecoming, PELNI Switches the Function of Passenger Vessels

During the non-homecoming period of Idul Fitri 1442 H, 26 PELNI passenger ships will be converted to transport logistical cargoes, medicines and medical equipment, as well as other essential goods needed by the region


During the Idul Fitri 1442 H Homecoming stop, PELNI freight transport increases by 70 perc

From January to May 2021, marine toll ships operated by PT PELNI have transported 3,759 TEUs, an increase of 70% compared to 2020 in the same period.


During the PPKM Java Bali, PELNI Limits the Ticket Sales

PELNI ticket sales are only through PELNI branch office counters and payments are only in cash (cashless).


Starting September 1st, PELNI urges Customers registered to PeduliLindungi App

PeduliLindung is an application owned by the Ministry of Health to assist the government in tracing and tracking to stop the spread of Covid-19


1st Semester Performance Increases, PELNI's Freight Forwarding Exploits Backload Potential

PT PELNI (Persero) experienced a production increase of up to 85 percent. This achievement cannot be separated from the potential route of KM Logistik Nusatara 5 (T-10 route) which provides the largest contribution.


PELNI – POS Indonesia Collaboration, Establishes Sea Post Shipment Cooperation

This collaboration is the key and commitment for PT PELNI and PT POS Indonesia to continue to improve public services.


PELNI Served 1.2 Million Customers in the first Semester of 2021

The number of PELNI ship customers in the fleet of passenger ships and pioneer ships in the first semester of 2021 recorded an increase of 3.2 percent


Signing Cooperation Agreement, PELNI Immediately Prepares Four Ships for Floating Isolatio

The Ministry of Transportation and PELNI and also a number of regional leaders signed an agreement to provide four PELNI ships as a centralized isolation area.


Transporting Indonesian President's Aid, KM Tidar Arrives at Dobo Port

PT PELNI (Persero) deployed KM Tidar to transport humanitarian aid during the PPKM period from the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo and the Governor of Maluku


Welcoming HPN 2021, PELNI Invites Passengers to Enjoy First Class Cruises

This is the Company's appreciation to customers who make PELNI ships the main transportation


Average Load Factor Increases in 2021, PELNI Receives an Award from the Ministry of Transp

The average load factor until August 2021 reached 88.56% for nine sea toll routes.


PELNI Collaborates with PT Skyreach for Procurement of Ship Communication System for 26 Ve

PT PELNI (Persero) cooperates with PT Skyreach, to procure a Ship Communication System (SisKomKap) for 26 PT PELNI (Persero) vessels in 2022-2025.


Isoter in Makassar Ends, PELNI Immediately Operates KM Umsini

PELNI ensures the location of the isoter and facilities have been checked in accordance with the applicable prokes standards


BUMN and Universities Will Develop Reefer Container Business

PT PELNI (Persero) together with PT INKA (Persero) and Institut Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) signed a memorandum of understanding on the synergy of logistics facilities for state-owned enterprises (BUMN) and universities.


Government Assigns PELNI to Add Ships to Pangkep Area, South Sulawesi

The purpose of this addition is to serve the community and grow the economic sector in the archipelago, especially in the 3TP area


PELNI Served 473 Thousand Customers in Lebaran 2022

The company expresses its gratitude for the trust of customers who have used PELNI ship services as homecoming transportation in 2022.


Homecoming for Motorcycles is Over, Two PELNI Ships Return to Served Regular Routes

PT PELNI (Persero) will immediately re-operate KM Dobonsolo and KM Ciremai to serve their regular routes after successfully carrying out the task of Returning and Returning Motorcycles in 2022.


KM Ciremai "Cikar Kanan" Serves Lampung Backflow - Cilegon

KM Ciremai is a multi-functional ship owned by PELNI because it can transport passengers, vehicles, and goods.


Quota Still Available, PELNI Invites Motorcycle Homecomers to Join PELNI Ships on the Back

PELNI dispatched KM Dobonsolo and KM Ciremai to serve the return route of Surabaya - Semarang - Jakarta.


Improving Student Literacy, PELNI Inaugurates Reading Gardens in the 3TP Region

Taman Baca ini merupakan program Tanggung Jawab Sosial & Lingkungan (TJSL) PELNI yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan minat baca para pelajar khususnya di wilayah 3TP (Tertinggal, Terdepan, Terluar dan Perbatasan)


KM Ciremai Inter-Departure Transportation Minister who Brings Free Motorcycle Homecomers

The departure of KM Ciremai was attended by the Indonesian Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi accompanied by the President Director of PT PELNI (Persero) Tri Andayani and the PELNI board of directors


On 70th Anniversary, PELNI Departs Bus Homecomers to Seven Cities

This homecoming program is a form of the Company's commitment at the age of 70 to the safety of PELNI Group employees and the community in carrying out Eid homecoming in 2022.


Strengthening Fleet Reliability, PELNI Signs Contract with DKB

The aim is to support the operational readiness of PELNI ships in the form of guarantees for the provision of dock space in carrying out ship repairs and maintenance in accordance with seaworthy requirements with the principle of mutual benefit.


PELNI Supports the Free Homecoming Program for Motorcycles

KM Dobonsolo and KM Ciremai are capable of transporting up to 2,500 travelers and 1,250 motorbikes.


Good Start, Initial Load in 2023 PT PELNI's Sea Toll Ship Fully Loaded

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) has succeeded in exceeding the production target of the Sea Highway cargo in 2022.


Supporting Sustainable Development, PELNI Presents a Garbage Management House in Denpasar,

Denpasar, 18 February 2023 - PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) launched the fourth Garbage Management House (RKS) through the Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program in Denpasar, Bali.


To support religious activities in Papua, PELNI deploys two fleets of pioneer ships

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) deployed two pilot ships to support religious activities in Serui City and Biak Numfor Regency.


Concerned about the problem of deforestation, PELNI invites the planting of thousands of c

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) has once again shown concern for environmental sustainability in the City of Bima.


Minister of Transportation and Deputy Minister of SOEs Witness Firsthand the Sophisticatio

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) ensures that the Eid 2023 transportation service has run according to the Government's expectations.


PELNI Ship Transports 5000 Food Aid Packages for the Karimunjawa Community

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) distributed 5000 food aid packages for residents of Karimunjawa Island


PELNI Ship Customers Soar 190% During Christmas and New Year 2023

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) was recorded as transporting 431,008 customers during the Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 transportation periods from 11 December 2022 to 8 January 2023.


PELNI Changes Ship Schedule for Evacuating Tourists in Karimun Jawa

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) adjusted the ship's schedule to speed up the evacuation of tourists who were trapped on Karimun Island, Java, Jepara, Central Java, due to bad weather


Accompanying Dirlala Monitoring, PELNI Ensures Nataru Services Run Smoothly

The management of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) is intensively monitoring during the Christmas and New Year's or Nataru 2023 transportation period.


Entering the Top 10, PELNI Wins the Predicate of an Informative Public Agency

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) has succeeded in obtaining the title of an Informative Public Agency from the Central Information Commission.


The Christmas and New Year Transportation Period Begins, PELNI Prepares Maximum Services

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) is ready to serve Christmas and New Year 2023 transportation which has been calculated since December 11 2022 yesterday


Strengthening Logistics and Sea Transportation Business, PELNI Signs a MoU

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) and PT Samudera Indonesia Tangguh have agreed to cooperate in the logistics sector.


PELNI Strengthens Nusantara Logistics Network by Ready to Collaborate with Samudera Indone

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) and PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk are exploring opportunities for cooperation to strengthen the national logistics supply chain. The cooperation between the two will be tied through the signing of a Memora


PELNI Optimistic Until the End of December To Bring 3 Million Customers

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) transported 2.76 million customers until August 2022. This number experienced a 191 percent jump from the same period in 2021.


SOE Synergy, PELNI Sea Toll Ship Transports 20 Containers of Cooking Oil Food Holding ID F

KM Logistik Nusantara 5 owned by PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI transported 20 containers of cooking oil from BUMN Holding Food ID FOOD


Incident at KM Sanus 91, PELNI Conveys Condolences for the Fall of Casualties

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) apologizes for the fire incident that occurred at KM Sabuk Nusantara 91 at Masalembu Port, Sumenep, East Java, Friday (16/9).


Improving Logistics Business, PELNI Collaborates with Angkasa Pura Logistics

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) signed a memorandum of understanding with PT Angkasa Pura Logistik regarding the transportation of goods for airports and seaports.


Optimally Serving Lebaran Transportation, PELNI Receives Award from the Government

PELNI has operated a fleet of 26 passenger ships and 44 pioneer ships to serve the homecoming flow from April 17 to May 2 2022 and the return period.


The presence of PELNI is very much needed by the Mentawai Islands Regency Community

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) is present for the people of the Mentawai Islands Regency through KM Belt Nusantara (Sanus) 6


PELNI Sea Toll Vessel Transports First Load from Patimban Port, Subang

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) transports the first cargo from Patimban Port, Subang, West Java, Wednesday (14/9).


KM Sanus 109 Maintenance Completed, PELNI Ensures Sailing Soon in Tahuna

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) ensures that KM Sabuk Nusantara 109 is ready to serve its regular routes in the Tahuna Islands and surrounding areas on Sunday, September 11, 2022 tomorrow


Goods Business Potential Increases, PT PELNI Holds Audience with Customers

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) held an audience with a number of shipping companies from Surabaya at the JW Marriot Hotel, Surabaya, Friday (2/9). This meeting was held as part of the Company's way of celebrating National Customer Day which fal


Pay Attention to Fishermen's Fate, TJSL PELNI Establishes Fisherman's Village in Larantuka

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) inaugurated the PELNI Fisherman Village Program in Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara, Monday (22/8)


PELNI Collaborates with PELINDO and Perum DAMRI

The purpose of this collaboration is to provide transportation modes to and from passenger terminals in a number of port cities that PELNI ships pass through


Finally, hundreds of tourists have been evacuated to PELNI ships from Karimun Jawa

KM Kelimutu, a passenger ship owned by PT PELNI (Persero) which was assigned to transport tourists trapped in bad weather arrived at Legon Bajak Harbor, Karimun Jawa, Tuesday (27/12) evening


Bad Weather Becomes a Challenge, PELNI Always Heeds the Port Authority's Appeal for Shippi

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) noted that as many as eight PELNI ship trips experienced delays due to bad weather during the Christmas and New Year 2023 periods.


Passengers Increases in the Third Quarter, PELNI Operates 23 Ships

Passengers of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) in the middle of the third quarter of 2020 recorded an increase of 314% compared to the previous quarter.


Pelni Increases Security on Ship Ahead of Lebaran Transport Services 2023

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT Pelni (Persero) increases the inspection of passenger luggage when boarding the ship.


Ahead of Lebaran transportation, six Pelni ships undergo annual maintenance throughout Mar

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT Pelni (Persero) scheduled six passenger ships to get annual maintenance this March.


PELNI Apply "New Normal Life"

PT PELNI (Persero) is currently preparing itself for the implementation of "New Normal Life


Lambelu KM Crew Shows Improved Health Development

A total of 25 crew members consisting of 21 crew (ABK) and 4 partners working in KM Lambelu are now showing good health developments.


PELNI Group Sends Aid to Victims of the Serasan Natuna Landslide

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia OR PT PELNI (Persero) sent relief goods to victims of floods and landslides in Serasan District, Natuna Regency, Riau Islands


Ahead of Eid 1444 H Transportation, PELNI Predicts to Transport 600 Thousand Passengers

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) predicts the number of passengers will reach 604,183 during the Eid 1444 H year 2023 transportation period.


Beautified, KM Sinabung Owned by PELNI Ready to Become Free Accommodation at the ASEAN Sum

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) ensures that KM Sinabung is ready to succeed in holding the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT, 6-12 Ma


Emphasizing the Success of Transformation, Minister of BUMN Inaugurates PELNI's New Logo

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) officially launched a new logo along with a new tagline "We Connect, We Unify".


In anticipation of running out, PELNI urges travelers to immediately order tickets

PT PELNI (Persero) again appeals to people who want to go home on the PELNI Ship to immediately order tickets. Purchase of PELNI Ship tickets until H-1 Eid 1444 H has sold over 50 percent.


PELNI Transports Hundreds of Homecoming Travelers Using KM Dorolonda to Batam, Free!

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) dispatched 150 travelers for free from the Nusantara Passenger Terminal of Tanjung Priok Port using KM Dorolonda for Jakarta-Batam destinations.


Awarded as Best CEO 2020,CEO of PELNI Praises Ship Crews Who Fight Amid the COVID Pandemic

President Director of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT PELNI (Persero) won an award from Iconomics as Best CEO 2020 In Shipping Category


Assuring the Smooth Flow of Homecoming to Return, PELNI Issues Pioneer Vessel Schedules on

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) guarantees that pioneer ship services in the East Java region during the Eid 2023 transportation period will run smoothly.


As of July 1, PELNI Adjusts Ship Rates According to PM 7 and PM 8 Rules of 2023

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or PT PELNI announced the adjustment of ticket rates for passenger and pioneer ships that apply nationally


As of July 1, PELNI Adjusts Ship Ticket Rates via Semarang

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or PT PELNI has announced an adjustment in ticket rates for passenger and pioneer ships that apply nationally, including the Semarang area, Central Java.


PELNI Supports the Government in Advancing MSMEs in Indonesia

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) - PELNI is ready to support the Government in advancing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. T


KM Lambelu Declared Covid Free 19

PT PELNI (Persero) again announced that KM Lambelu was declared free of Covid 19. This was indicated by the decrease in the yellow flag on the ship on Sunday (10/5).


As of July 1, PELNI Adjusts Ship Ticket Rates via Batam

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or PT PELNI has announced an adjustment in ticket rates for passenger and pioneer ships that apply nationally, including the Batam area.


For sale! Three PELNI Cargo Ships

Three PELNI cargo ships are for sale starting at IDR 6 billion


As of July 1, PELNI Adjusts Ship Ticket Rates via Jayapura

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or PT PELNI announced the adjustment of ticket rates for passenger and pioneer ships that apply nationally, including the Jayapura area.


Cares about Education, TJSL PELNI Frees the Departure of Hundreds of Papuan Students to Ja

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or PELNI through the Environmental Social Responsibility Program (TJSL) sent hundreds of Papuan students